Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Transcence app lets deaf people "Hear"

Transcence app lets deaf people "Hear"

      Here is an application developed for people who have hearing problem. In this application voice can be converted to  words and letters 

     This application is developed by three students who are studying in Berkeley University San Francisco, they are also experienced hearing problem. "Transcence" is the name of this app. It speedup the conversation between people who have hearing disability and their friends. 

   In this app the conversation among more than two people it displays different color letter for each person and it sense each person's voice. the developers of this app believe that it will be helpful for people who are duff.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Nanu, free call facility for 2G networks

Nanu, Free Call facility for 2G networks

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   The Free Call providing app "Nanu" has entered for 2G android phones which is similar to the android app facebook. Mostly there is no voice clarity with the 2G network. 

   It is more suitable with the Wi-Fi and 3G connection. So Nanu is allowing the free call facility for 2G, the ordinary people's network. It is a free downloaded app. You can talk around 10 minutes with 1MB of Data. The call facility is available to those phones where there is no Nanu, but cannot continue more than 15 minutes. Through Nanu you can call the land line numbers in 41 countries and to the mobile numbers in 9 countries. 

   Now the apps is available for android phones, where as the new app will soon available for Windows and IOS phones as per the company's information. The company planning for the messaging facility also. 

                                                                  Nanu Free call service

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Pocket Avatars 3D animated messaging app

Pocket Avatars 

      Intel is introducing  a 3D animated messaging app is coming which  can imitate your facial emotions and talking styles as it is. The voice messaging app has named as Pocket Avatars.

      It is recording the emotions and lips movements at the same time when the message is recorded. When the receiver play the video, the sender's head movements, smile and eyes blinking are showing as animated figures. This Pocket Avatars is the substitute of those who don't want to show their face on other devices. It is the developed version of the emoticons which are available in the present WhatsApp. 

     This App can identify about 17 emotions. You can select any one as you like from the available 40 figures like famous people and animals in which 20 are free remaining can download at a cost of $0.99. The App is free in Android and iPhone. You can share it through E-mail and social media if your don't have App. According to Intel Sr. Executive Mr. Mike Bell, they will use this technology in future in the Laptops which use the Intel Chip.

Friday, 14 February 2014

Video Chatting Applications

5 Application used for video chatting 

              I introduce 5 application that are used for video chatting every application have its own advantages and disadvantages ready to communicate with friends and family through video calling 

1. Skype

       Microsoft develop this software. All are familiar with this application. It provides video calling facility. Less people doesn't have Skype account most of the phones, desktop operating systems are supporting this application. comparing with the existing application it can't provide excellent functionality. 

2. Hangouts

       This video chatting application from Google supports all devices. Using its web version we can group chat most of the phones and desktop operating system supporting this application it is not user friendly. 

3. Line

            It have many users in September 2013. This application include the facility to video chatting it has the android IOS and desktop version it does not provide group video call. 

4. We Chat

  It's very popular video chatting application most of the customers are in china it's very easy to user. The video have high pixel quality. 

5. Fring 

    This application introduced years back with video calling facility this application provide group video chatting between four peoples. It have android IOS and mobile web versions.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

3 latest android apps

Cut The Rope 2

Zeptol Lab has announced its successfull mobile puzzle Game Cut The Rope 2nd edition is coming soon. it will be available 19th December for I phone and IPOD with  and android version following early next year. The second part games have new challenges and gameplay elements are introduced across 120 levels also. The game comes with different platform such as a forest, city park, sandy dam and underground. More information on cut the rope 2 visit this page

Skype v4.5

Skype for android updated new version 4.5. it offers two new features for android users. first one now Skype have provided a picture in picture window with this functionality is provides users to skype video and even audio calls. second one is its added to going one letter to another in their contact list and faster than scroll. it improves video instant messaging function. more details visit Skype page

Google Chrome for Android and IOS

Google announced Google Chrome Apps for IOS and Android in January 2014. It has use HTML 5, CSS and JavaScript. Its addition to independently and offline. The Google Chrome downloaded the apple apps store and Google play store.